Виктория Снисаренко


Viktoriya Snisarenko is a top model holding the title of “Miss Eurasia-2014”

Viktoriya was born and raised in the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, where she graduated from the International Institute of Public and Municipal Administration. After graduation, she worked for some time as an economist at a law firm in Kiev.

Viktoriya’s modeling career began with the music video “Ai-Ai-Ai” – a popular hit by a Russian singer, Leonid Agutin, and the Danish star, Tomas N’evergreen – in which she appeared as a “sexy nun.” After her successful performance, advertising offers started rolling in. At first, Viktoriya treated modeling as “a profitable hobby,” but when she started receiving “serious” contracts, she fully committed herself to a modeling career.

In 2014 Viktoriya was invited to participate in the international beauty contest, “Miss Eurasia.” She applied, sent in her photos, and soon traveled to Antalya, Turkey, where the contest took place. It consisted of many rounds, and the contenders trained every day with some of the leading professionals in the modeling industry who had helped each girl to create her individual style. The jury assessed not only the appearance, but also the inner qualities of each contestant – and, several days later, Viktoriya was crowned “Miss Eurasia-2014.”

Now a top model, Viktoriya has worked with well-known brands in Russia and Europe. She has become the face of many of them, including:

  • MAX FACTOR (France)
  • VICHY (France)
  • DAVIDOFF (Russia)
  • PIERRE CARDIN (Germany)
  • SWAROVSKI (Austria)
  • RUBENDIC (Turkey)
  • ARTDECO (Russia) and a lot more.

Viktoriya has also posed for photo shoots in several magazines, including:

  • Men’s Health
  • Lisa etc.

In Viktoriya’s own words: “My father is Ukrainian. From him, I inherited his emotionality, sense of adventure, and composure. My mother’s background is purely Jewish – she gave me her intelligence, ease and dignity. And every time I feel a fire burning within, I remember what volatile mixture is coursing through my veins.”